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Miscellany Theme

Posted By admin on March 14, 2009

miscellany_screenshot3This theme uses a ‘Flash’ intro of a home being constructed right before your eyes. A little sound file has also been added. A theme like this would be better suited for a construction or Real Estate blog. Remember that not everyone has Flash installed on their computer. Also, least we forget that some  visitors are still using dial up accounts to access your site.  The wait time for downloading the flash intro may be very short on DSL or Broadband, usually just a few seconds. However, to a dial up visitor, their wait time could easily be several agonizing minutes. The chances of them waiting around long enough to see the intro in action are not very promising. Returning visitors would once again have to wait several minutes for your page to load.  Chances are you would be limiting your traffic to only those with high speed accounts. As an alternative you could offer a HTML static version of your site as well as the flash option. This way your traffic wouldn’t suffer.


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